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Ok Then!

Apologies for the non-post. We were just testing out a new toy (hello! iP*d T*#ch!) to see if mobile blogging would be a possibility as we head south. Waaaay south in a few weeks. And it looks like we have a functional (and free) app. Nice.

So, you may just see a few photos and highlights from some National Parks from a different nation here soon. We are counting the days to our trip to Australia!

Two weeks in Queensland. One week in New South Wales. Not nearly enough time to do all that we’d like to do, but we’ll take what we can get. I can’t tell you how great it feels to pull out our backpacks, tent and camping gear and to see just how many socks and t-shirts we can cram into small spaces. The goal is to get everything we need (bear in mind, we’ll be spanning seasons too) into two carry-ons. Anyone placing bets?


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