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I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they asked a very legitimate question, “where are you?”

liberty bell

liberty bell

Michael and I have been residing in Harrisburg, PA since we ended our trip in December 2005, just a few months ahead of schedule. Bags were unpacked, the ‘Tima got a car wash, items were pulled out of storage and a new home was found (a few blocks away from the old one).

Since then, one of us went back to work, one of us found a new job, we both wrote for a few other places, and in between we’ve gone back to some of our favorite park sites to give them a second look, like Independence Hall National Historical Park, the Liberty Bell and our beloved Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial.

New sites were given National Park site designations since we created our original list, like the Carter G. Woodson House National Historic Site in Washington D.C. This was one of our final stops, but our visit was still a little premature. The African Burial Grounds National Memorial in New York is another newbie we have to add to our “still to see” list.

Did we reach our goal of Every. Single. NPS site in the Continental United States?


Did we reach our goal of rediscovering America and answering the question, “what, exactly, does it mean to be American?”

We’re not sure if America ever becomes a static answer, or if the discovery ever ends. We found a lot of different answers, and had the time of our lives trying.

And it ain’t over yet.


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Bald Eagle

Two days ago Michael was walking along Riverfront Park in Harrisburg. For those not acquainted with our lovely town, Riverfront Park parallels the mile-wide Susquehanna River for nearly the city’s entire length.

As Michael peered over the water looking towards City Island, he saw something. He was pretty sure of what it was but could not believe his eyes. His mind’s eye checklist scanned thoroughly: extraordinary size (check); white tail (check); white head (check); agile flying (check); fishing behavior (check). Even without binoculars he knew he was watching a bald eagle. A bald eagle in downtown Harrisburg!

After some dexterous swoops and turns the great bird dove, talons cocked, into the river and emerged with a fish. He continued his flight upwards into a City Island perch just a few yards from where Harrisburg’s minor league baseball team plays. Could this extraordinary raptor be making his home in our fair city this summer? Who knows? Be sure to keep your eyes open and alert while crossing the Susquehanna.

In honor of of feathered friend we are recounting the trip’s first bald eagle sighting while at a National Park Site: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan. That sighting wouldn’t be our last. We saw bald eagles in dozens of states and in a variety of natural settings. Every spotting brought the same excitement, the same awe and the same appreciation of how lucky we are.

Click Here to Read More about our first bald eagle.

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